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About Heroes for Children

Heroes for Children is a nonprofit organization providing financial and social assistance to families, within the state of Texas, of children (ages 0-22 years) battling cancer. To date, no request has been denied. Heroes for Children helps families pay for rent, utilities, medical bills, and more. Often, a parent has to leave work to care for their child, which creates financial stress. Our goal is to ease this stress and enable the family to focus on the most important part of treatment - the child. Heroes for Children was founded in memory of Taylor Anne Brewton and Allison Leigh Scott, both of whom were diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Taylor lost her courageous battle at the age of four, while Allie's battle ended before her first birthday. Taylor and Allie's tremendous courage and amazing spirit touched the lives of many in this community and across the country. Taylor and Allie's spirits live on through our organization. For more information either click on the link below, write to Heroes for Children, 1701 North Collins, Suite 240, Richardson, TX 75080, or call us at the numbers listed below.

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About Lotsa Helping Hands

Lotsa Helping Hands was created to support family caregivers and volunteers by empowering their circles of community who are eager to help those in need.

Our mission is to provide the communication resources facilitating a world where caregivers feel empowered to ask for help, and in so doing, improve their own health and quality-of-life; volunteers can become part of the solution when family, friends, neighbors or colleagues are in need of help, and community becomes a recognized way to find meaning in both giving and receiving.

Our Story

We created Lotsa Helping Hands after witnessing four years of awe-inspiring community support and response to a family member’s serious medical crisis. Seeing how earnestly friends wanted to help, and juggling the difficulty of organizing their assistance, we designed Lotsa Helping Hands with the understanding of how to bring together a variety of social circles and what a resulting community like this would need. Lotsa Helping Hands is easy to use and requires no training for either the Coordinator who creates the community or the members who participate.

Our Commitment to Philanthropy

Because Lotsa Helping Hands was inspired by the outpouring of support during our own caregiving experiences, we have a strong commitment to giving back, ourselves. We support the nonprofit sector and align with national organizations who offer our service to their members and constituents. We donate pro bono expertise and financial resources to the nonprofit organizations we serve.

What to Do Next

Choose a coordination service that might be right for you and your circles of community. Learn more about how it works or create your own community today.

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